The key to business success is your people​

We provide transformative tools and experiences to increase employee wellbeing, retention and business value add.​


We are business leaders who set on a journey to share our experince and tools developed through out years with businesses to increase success!​

We work with you to​

  • Increase employee retention​
  • Improve employee experience, wellbeing and EQ​
  • Enhance cooperation between divisions​ ​
  • Enhance trust in company leadership​​
  • Create a thriving company culture​ ​
  • Create ROI that impacts your bottom line​​ ​

​ We are here to provide you with our wealth of experience and the powerful transformation tools we have developed.​ ​

The landscape of business has undergone significant changes, and the concept of work-life balance is being redefined. Today, successful companies prioritize both the customer and employee experience. By elevating employee experience to new heights, organizations gain a competitive edge.​

In the era of active Artificial Intelligence, the value lies not only in possessing information but also in utilizing it with social intelligence and awareness. Our primary objective is to enhance the awareness and social intelligence of your company's employees, thereby amplifying their impact on the company's overall success.​

Furthermore, we strive to foster the happiness and success of your employees, while empowering them to add value to your organization and unlock their true potential.​


What We Offer


We are talking about the issues that we call indispensable for new-style leaders and employees.

Self Awareness

“Knowing Yourself” is perhaps a subject that has been said since the very beginning of humanity and actually perhaps we all think we know. In the research, the rate of those who answer this question "Very well" and "I know well" is 95%! However, studies show us that the rate of individuals who know themselves and have high self-awareness is unfortunately not even 15%.

Life can be overwhelming for all of us at times. Our mind is constantly filled with many necessary unnecessary things, it distorts our perception of the world and we lose our ability to be in the moment. Does this sound familiar? I think yes for all of us. Life is often very stressful and exhausting, and it can profoundly affect our happiness, health, education, and work. So what's your escape plan?

How to coach sales reps to be successful? Leverage the power of sales coaching to build a team of high-impact super-sellers. If you're one of the hundreds of businesses trying to increase the sales of your agents, your first question should be: How do high-impact and successful companies do it? Short answer? Comprehensive sales coaching.




You already have the key!

Investigating Your Own Reality Is Wise

Self-Awareness, at its core, is the ability to see ourselves clearly and purely; understanding who we are, how others see us, and how we fit in this world.

Value Oriented Living

Our values are the basic principles that guide how we want to live our lives. As these define the person we want to be, while providing us some standards for evaluating our actions

What is not Yoga?

For some reason, in our country, yoga is always referred to as an activity done by women. Maybe it's because of the fact that I discovered yoga even though I had been doing sports for many years, so it was quite late.



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